SOLD! Recent Transactions, July 2020

Yes, we are still playing catch up regarding our latest land sales in the southern Red River Valley! We have two more sales to report from July, each a large contrast in the type and value of the land.

This first in July was a parcel we lead the public marketing and sale of for a great piece of land in Stanley Township, on the growing southern edge of the city of Fargo! We have helped many buyers and sellers come together on farm land such as this – land that sells at prices at a multiple of traditional farm land values given their future potential for development. The second July sale was for a traditional parcel of farm land in Harwood township, well north of the Fargo-Moorhead metro. This quality farm land was sold privately with great results.

Stanley Township, Cass County, ND

Harwood Township, Cass County, ND

Please contact us if you have questions or would like help to buy or sell land such as these parcels in the Southern Red River Valley as well! Until next time and Merry Christmas!

Andy Westby

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