It has been a busy quarter for sales of all kinds of property, including land here in the heart of the Southern Red River Valley! We are a bit late with this update, but the calendar hasn’t flipped yet so it is time to give a quick update on a few of our most recent land sales!

First, in early Q4 we helped an owner sell his land just west of West Fargo off the Raymond exchange along I-94. This land holds great potential for future development once the FM Diversion project is completed, and we were happy to help the seller find a good home for it. A bit later, we helped buyer and seller come together for over 100 acres of farmland on the edge of Horace, ND that will eventually be turned into an amazing residential development! Horace is booming and land sales in this area have been brisk. Finally, in late November we completed our online auction of 292 tillable acres in Addison Township of Cass County, ND with great results! The market for traditional farm land has not been this strong since 2012 and we think that trend will continue into 2022. You can learn more about the land sold for two of these three transactions below:

Mapleton Township, Cass County, ND
Addison Township, Cass County, ND

If we can help you sell or buy land in the coming year within the southern Red River Valley, please contact us anytime! Until next time,

Andy Westby

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