As you likely know, there are MANY ways in which farm land can be sold. Most people tend to think of auction sales, sealed bid sales, or traditional listings. However, another VERY common method used in selling farm land is what we call the “Private Sale” method. No, this isn’t some Black Friday or Cyber Monday gimmick used by retailers. It is a very legitimate sales strategy we can employ to help Clients achieve their goals.

What is a private sale?

If you take a look at the recent land sales we have handled, you may notice a good number of these parcels show the method of sale was “Private Sale.” In those cases, the Client did not want us to publicly list and advertise their land. Because of that, we did not list it in the local newspaper or hang posters at all the area elevators and cafes. For various and valid reasons, these Clients wanted to maintain a level of privacy and confidentiality through the process of selling their land. The private sale method allows us to do just that.

How does a private sale work?

While this method of sale clearly limits the marketing strategies we can employ (sorry Agweek, no advertising budget for you!), it does not limit our ability to find buyers and achieve great results for our Clients. In these circumstances, first we work with Clients to build a targeted list of potential buyers. Then, we execute a strategy of quietly reaching out to let them know of the confidential opportunity to buy the land. We do this through phone calls, emails, direct mailings, and in-person meetings. As a result, we are usually able to get multiple parties interested in the land through these tactics. In the end, we are able to negotiate a good price without doing so in the public eye.

Perhaps you own land but do not want to tell the neighbor or family you are selling. Or maybe you just do not like your personal business aired on the line for all to see. Whatever your reason, we can help you discreetly and successfully sell your land should a Private Sale be your preferred method. Contact us today to learn more if you would like!

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